Alice Kiderman (nee Bondar) is a Russian-born artist who lives in Naples, Florida.

Mountains, rocks and stone have always fascinated me as a visible connection to the past, a remnant from the history of our planet. As a sculptor I take unyielding materials and work to release the universal stories of humanity contained – stories of tragedy, loss, triumph and gain –stories as old as time.  Armed with my own life experiences, my own stories as guiding tools, I take hammer and chisel to stone to reveal three-dimensional visual expressions of human emotion. 

My figurative-abstract sculptures explore all facets of life – relationships with each other, with earth, with universe; concepts of feminine and masculine, family and individual; experiences of joy, pain, conflict, peace, devastation, rebirth.  Just as stone is ages old, these experiences are as well: the journey of the stone parallels the journey of humanity.

 It is my hope that in these uncertain times my Art can serve as a refuge, an ‘oasis of beauty and contemplation’, away from the disturbed reality.

It’s an incredible journey…from inspiration, frustration to exhilaration in no particular order.

Alice is represented by REINERT FINE ART GALLERY - Charleston, SC and EMILLIONS ART - Naples, FL.

"...The globular, pulsing, throbbing evocations of human emotion in sculpture by Alice Kiderman." M.J. Albacete, Executive Director, Canton Museum of Art.
"We love our beautiful, talented, and perfect piece of art! You are so talented from your fingers to your heart. Thank you so much! We love it!" Kim P., client.
"Finally found the time to visit your website and see your beautiful has a very serene feeling to it...very sensitive and strong at the same time. Also so fascinating to hear you come from Russia" -Trish Flannery, Artist.
"Your new pieces show an adventuresome exploration of your expression. Your work captures the feminine archetype as a force of nature. Eternal Dance and Contemplation express a refinement of metaphoric abstraction. The use of texture contrasts eloquently with the finished surface and the point work contrasts nicely with the finished surfaces. Very exciting to see your work moving forward. Persistence and passion are powerful forces. Keep carving." -Rick Rothstock, Sculptor


‘Stone Words’ – Windjammer Adventure Publishing, September 2018

Acquisitions/Public Commissions:

Portage Park Foundation - Ravenna, OH (2016)
Akron Children’s Hospital - Akron, OH (2015)
OZ Center for Performing Arts - Nashville, TN (2013)
Canton Art Museum – Canton, OH (2012)
Vacuum Systems International, Inc. - Cleveland, Ohio (2008)
Lake View - Private installation - Cleveland, Ohio (2007)
The Putnam Sculpture Collection, CWRU, Cleveland, Ohio (2005)

Private Commissions:

Family Portrait in Stone – Cleveland, OH (2014)
ALOE’S – Nashville, Tenn. (2013)
Organica – Nashville, Tenn. (2011)
Nurture - private collection, McLean, VA (2009)
Serenity - private collection, North Carolina (2008)
Ascending II - private collection, McLean, VA (2008)
Struggle and Joy - Lake View, Cleveland, OH (2007)

Private Collections:

Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Wyoming; Portugal.

Featured Artist/Solo Exhibition/Invitational:

“States of Being- Alliance Center for the Arts”– Fort Myers, Fla (2022)
“When Stone Speaks”- S&B Davis Art Center” - Fort Myers, Fla (2022)
“Stone Words”- Bonita Springs Art Center” - Fort Myers, Fla (2022)
“Memory in Transition”– American Greetings HQ, Gallery W,OH (2019)
“Journey in Stone and Print” – Beachwood Art Center, Beachwood,OH (2019)
“She Inspires”, Be Gallery, Chagrin Falls, Ohio (2017)
“Sculpture Invitational”, Malton gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio (2017)
“JACL Fellow" - Cleveland, OH (2014-2015)
“The Art of Women”, Curated by Sylvia Rombis. Malton Gallery- Cincinnati, Ohio (2014)
“TRIFECTA”, Beachwood Arts Center - Beachwood, OH (2014)
“Hudson Fine Art Company”, Hudson Ohio(2013)
“Abstract Sculptures Exhibit” - Jasper Center for the Arts, Indiana(2013)
“Made in Stone: Human Journey Through Time” - Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio (2012)
“Retr-O-Spective” - O Gallery, Beachwood, Ohio (2012)
“Stone, Wood, Oil, Water” - Cuyahoga County Library, Beachwood, Ohio (2012)
“Memory in Transition”– American Greetings HQ, Gallery W, Ohio (2019)
“Journey in Stone and Print” – Beachwood Art Center, Beachwood, Ohio (2018)
Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2011)
“On the Wall, Off the Wall” - solo show, O Gallery, Beachwood, Ohio (May-June 2011)
“Reflections of the Mind” solo show 1Point 618 Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio (September 2009)
“Pursuit of Happiness”, Malton Gallery (October 2009)
“Dichotomy”, Metropolitan Galleries, Cleveland, Ohio (2007)
Aaron Gallery, 2-person show. Washington, D.C. (2006, 2007, 2008)
“All Women - All Art”, Opus Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio - 2005, 2006
"Masterpieces Revisited"- Reinert Fine Art Gallery, Charleston, SC (2016 -present)
"Marcia Evans Gallery“ - Columbus, Ohio (2015-present)
"In The gARTen of Eden" Canton Museum of Art, Canton ,Ohio (Aug. 2015)

Juried Exhibitions:

“Self-Portrait”, (virtual Covid-19), Wasmer Gallery, Cleveland, OH (2020)  
“New Masters”, Wasmer Gallery. Curated by Alenka Banko and Mary Gray. Ursuline College, Cleveland, OH (2018)
“People”, Valley Center for the Arts. Curated by Judith Carducci. Chagrin Falls, OH (2018)
Portage Park Foundation. Kent, OH (2016**, 2017**)
“HWD”. Sculpture Invitational. Curated by Virginia Kistler; Kettering, OH (2017)
Nurture - private collection, McLean, VA (2009) Serenity - private collection, NC (2008)
Ascending II - private collection, McLean, VA  
Struggle and Joy - private collection, Lake View, Cleveland, OH (2007)
“Dreams and Visions”, Lakeland College, Cleveland, OH (2016)
"69th Annual Juried Art Exhibition" Zanesville Museum of Art, OH (2013)
Archived Artists of Western Reserve, “Seeing Green”, Cleveland, OH (2011)
Wasmer Gallery “Spiritual Exhibit”, Ursuline College,Pepper Pike, OH (2011)
Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH (2009)
Valley Center for the Arts, Chagrin Falls, OH (2005*, 2006)
The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH (2005**)
The Fine Arts Association, Willoughby, OH (2005**)
Thrive Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio (2004)
Fairmount Arts Center, Russell, OH (2000*, 2002*)

*award winner

Group Exhibitions:

Vue Gallery, Beachwood, Ohio (2020)
Contemporary Art Gallery, Chautauqua, NY (2019)
"Homeland and the Promised Land" -Alumni-JCC, Beachwood, Ohio (2016)
"No Art Left Behind" - AAWR, Cleveland, Ohio (2016)
"Slavery and Freedom" - JCC, Beachwood, Ohio (2015)
Akron Art Prize. Akron, Ohio (2014)
Art Expo, New York, NY (2014)
"Work of Women", Malton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (2014)
Spectrum International Art Fair, Miami, Fla (2013)
Art Show, Saratoga Springs, NY (2013)
Gallery Rochester, Rochester, NY (2013)
Parallax Art Fair, London, UK (2013)
Art Expo, New York, N.Y. (2013)
"Art Cares Benefit", Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio (2013)
Cleveland Artists Foundation, Cleveland Creates, Lakewood, Ohio (2011)
"Art Cares" Cleveland, Ohio (June 2011)
American Diabetes Association, (April 2008, 2009)
Larchmere Gallery (Invitational). (September, December 2007)
Opus Gallery - (July 2007)
Art Collinwood - (July 2007, 2008)
Atmosphere Gallery - Sculpture Garden, (summer 2007)
Valley Center for the Arts. (Invitational) Chagrin Falls, Ohio, (2007)
"JAR Show" - The Galleria, Cleveland, Ohio, June 2006
"Women as Objects of Art" - Studio 324, Cleveland, Ohio, (spring, 2006)
Sculpture Garden Exhibition - Atmosphere Gallery, Tremont, Ohio, (2005)**
Cleveland Bar Association - spring 2005, fall 2005 Shows
Earthworks Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio (2000**, 2001**, 2002**)
Art Walks, Little Italy, Cleveland, Ohio (2000**, 2001**, 2002*, 2006-2008)
Lawrence Fund-Raiser (2002) **

** work in private collections

Press Materials:  

“Ceramic Plates and Stone Sculptures” at Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center Happenings (Nov.2022)        
“A Surprise Around Every Wall and Corner in Memory in Transition" by Dott von Schneider Scene (April 17, 2019)
American Art Collector (February 2017)
Studio Visit. Volume 28 (2014)
“Remembered in Stone” Art Watch, Canton, OH (2014)
“Akron Beacon Journal”, Akron, OH (September 2012)
“When Stone Speaks” Art Watch, Canton, OH (September 2012) – YouTube, (September 2012)


‘When Stone Speaks’ –Zoom Presentation; WCA, Naples; LLAIC, Boston (2020)
‘Stone Words’ – book readings (ongoing) 2019-20
Numerous library systems book acquisition
HOF Art Residency, Bangkok, Thailand (2017)
Midwest JACL Conference, Kansas City, MO (2016)
JACL Fellowship (2014-2015)
Teaching stone carving workshop. Adventures in Stone Carving (2014-2015)
John and Mildred Putnam Sculpture Collection Catalog (2012)
Selected to participate in Florence Biennale(2011)
Sculpture Symposium, Rutland, VT (2009)
‘Sun Courier’ (March 2008)
A line of unique functional objects of art and small sculptures at Cleveland Museum of Art (Ongoing)


Master of Arts Moscow State University

TRI –C College                     Sculpture I, II, III

Stone Apprenticeship Lothar Jobcek, German Master Stone Carver

Stone Apprenticeship Nicholas Fairplay, Master Stone Carver


FLAG (Florida Artist Group)

National Museum of Women in the Arts

‘Memory in Transition’ Exhibit, American Greetings HQ, 2019

  Carving stone in Bali

In studio
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