Fixing, Fixing

August 21, 2023

It seems that this year is all about fixing broken sculptures. Most of them are the doings of Hurricane Ian. Sculptures collided against each other, like in "a meeting"...

I re-purchased them from the insurance company and am trying to give them a new, much smaller "life".

Also, the new addition to the family - 2 lovely cats- brothers, were too busy chasing each other and yet another, less valuable sculpture went down...

And yet another accident on the way to Reinert Fine Art...

And so it goes - fixing, re-imagining...

Vipassana Meditation

June 15, 2023

It was after a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation course that the idea of the sculpture came about. One often attempts to reach some heights and understand oneself and the world around him/her. This effort is usually fails no matter how many attempts are undertaken.

The sculpture reflects on genuine attempts, trials and tribulations. Thus the stone is split in two and an opening is created to let 'IT' in.

Circle of Life

August 12, 2023

After some drastic changes in my life, a new series 'Circle of Life', are in the works, which express my current state of mind. The concept of mortality and temporariness of our 'stay' on this planet has become very real. Yet it also brought some calm and contentedness. In the new series I hope to project the beauty, bliss and uniqueness of our existence.

'The world is my home', said James Michener and it can't be more appropriate in today's world.

Addicted to Stone

November 10, 2022

People have different addictions. Mine seems to be stone. It started when I was very young and doesn't look like I've outgrown it. Always in awe of mountains that I have to hike to reach the summit - be it Arizona, New Mexico or Italy...

I love the touch of  stone, which to me is like touching the multimillion history of our planet; it's the way to' feel' a glimpse of what it all used to be on prehistoric Earth.

Which is why it's not surprising that I just had to have this huge shipment of marble- some from Italy, some from Mexico. It will keep me busy for a long time. Can't wait to get started.

Always glad to get it from Castelli Marble.


June 9, 2022

·        I-Scream

Carrara marble, red dye . 33”x12”x8”

The visual interpretation of “Scream” shows a textured “body”, with the actual “scream” coming out in the polished surface of shoulder, neck and head.

In private collection.

Rethinking the Accepted Norm

April 8, 2022

Welcome to my Blog! I’ve never thought of myself as a Blogger, but here I am…

The reason I decided to do this is that it’s an opportunity for me as a solitary artist, working solo,  communicating only with the stone I’m working ‘with’ to share how some of the series and sculptures ‘happen’.

One day I happened to be looking at Andrew Wood's famous painting - American Gothic, wondering as to what made it one of the most recognizable paintings in America. I was looking at the blank, expressionless faces of the farmer and his wife, (who happened to be the painter's sister and his dentist), wondering what was it about this work that made it so famous. It was at that moment that the idea to recreate my own interpretation of this work in 3-dimensional format and give it my "take" on it was born.

Thus started the series -"Masterpieces Revisited". 

The concept behind it is to offer new interpretation to works that have become artistic symbols in visual as well as performing arts, such as paintings, music, and dance. I want to offer a new angle to something that has become a staple and bring a different and very personal vision, which will create a certain curiosity and challenge the viewer to rethink the accepted traditional norm. 

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