Stone Words (2018)

In Stone Words, a fusion of sculpture and poetry, Alice Kiderman and Shira Atik reassure us that we are not alone. Kiderman, an internationally renowned sculptor, works with large, heavy blocks of stone carving them into elegant thought –provoking visual evocations. Atik, an award-winning poet, works on a smaller scale, writing poems that are deceptively gentle, hiding a raw and disarming power. 

The gravitas of Alice Kiderman’s forceful stone sculptures, juxtaposed with the warmth and compassion of Shira Atik’s poems, gives the book a quiet power that infuses us with courage. In its fearless exploration of the human condition, this unique combination of two art forms speaks to the transformative power of art.

 As Sara Hurand wrote in her introduction, "Stone Words... shows us that if we are brave and attentive, we can create our own road maps through the unknown."

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